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Lost & Found


Clients wanted something freestanding that could be moved to various locations in their indoor/outdoor patios


Good Times at 2626

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We took a payphone from 1960 and restored it to 2019. Complete with DSLR camera, 6 inch LCD screen, working keypad, and song tracks in the headset.


Custom Custom Custom

Our designers work with you to create an activation that matches your brand and engages your guests. From the physical build to the digital interface and online gallery everything is designed with your brand in mind. Our team of experienced builders can create something truly custom for you.

Easy Subscription

Your staff won’t have to worry about lifting a finger. Our team takes care of installation and on going maintenance for a low easy month subscription. We have the capability to remotely monitor and troubleshoot booths 24/7 to keep the booths up and running earning you promotional dollars

Promotion and data capture

The power of FOMO (Fear of missing out) is real. Everyone loves to show where they are and who they're with. Our permanent booth solutions deliver branded social content instantly for people to share, while collecting guests information for your marketing campaigns.